October 2, 2017 
Greetings from Talisman and Cauldron's new home in Derby!
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Before I begin, I want to remind everyone that parking is available in the City Hall parking lot (which is diagonally across from Talisman) after their business hours during the week and on the weekends. The hours vary, but you'll know because the lot will be empty!
Oh, it's THAT time of year again - so exciting!  Everyone is gettin' their Witch on ... I love it!
I cannot tell you how many people have come to see me for a reading, sat down and announced "I have had nine (or some other high number) different readers tell me I am going to win the lottery!" and in response, I just smile and say, "Not today!"  I have been reading since I was 16 and only ONCE, about 7 years ago, did I say to a woman (after throwing her cards) "Oh, you like to gamble!" and she said "yes, I play my numbers every single day!" and I replied "Well, I think you are going to hit big, very soon - like within ten days to two weeks!" and she answered "Yes, I have been feeling that too!" Two weeks later, she sent me a picture of herself, holding a big cardboard check for $100,000 taken up in Hartford. So cool, I was so happy for her, she really needed this money!
Likewise, I have been informed WAAAAY too many times that a person was told by a psychic (NOT one of mine!) they were possessed, cursed, hexed, etc. And the truth is, I have only seen three or four examples of what I would call possession or a curse in my entire life. It is not common, and it is not easy to sustain a "family curse" without ill effects to the one doing the cursing. Of course, that proclamation of a "curse" always comes with the offer to remove it ... at a steep price. How convenient, eh?
But it is October, and in the interest of the season of  "spooky stories" I want to share with you a real-life horror story of a true possession (dim your lights now to set the mood) ... the tale of my sister-in-law's experience with a patient in the facility she worked at, earlier this year.
The patient in this story was in her eighties, and a seemingly very pious Christian. She was chronically ill but not dying, so she was in and out of the facility often. When she was in, there were lots of remarks like "oh she is so sweet! She always offers to pray with you or for you and she is SOOOO nice!" BUT - the hair on back of my sister-in-law's neck raised the minute she laid eyes on her. The first time she had to go into her room alone, this woman asked (after turning her head robotically and looking straight in her eyes

) "So, would you like to pray dear?" She just answered "Nope, I am good and I am out of here. Whatever you want I am not part of this, just leave me alone" and she instructed the other nurses to be careful to check the silverware after her meals, and not leave any forks or knives behind with her for any reason.
Later that same night, a young nurse reported seeing the black shadow of a man leave her room and go through the wall and into the next. She went to her supervisor's office white as a sheet of paper - asked to go home early and called out sick the next day.
Two days later, my sister-in-law was on the floor and got called into the old lady's room to help with a catheter. She said "I asked you to find someone else to help with her, please" but she was quickly informed  "there are three of us in here and we cannot contain her, please help!" So she goes in and says to the nurses "please do exactly what I say, and don't stop" - and they begin praying and saying mantras - as soon as they start in, the woman goes limp. They removed 500cc of urine from her (the average bladder can only hold 300-350cc).  Once finished, the nurses (outside the room) tell her that they had initially gone into the room, only to find her laying in a "coffin" position (flat on back, legs together, arms folded at chest) BUT she was holding a steak knife upright between her clutched hands, and as they walked in - without turning her head - the old woman said (in a very strange voice) "So, what part of the Lord's prayer would you like me to say for you today?" they forcibly took the knife away and while changing the linens found a bunch of forks and knives hidden under her pillow. The woman fought them viciously and with surprising strength  the entire time.
One of the young nurses came up to my sister-in-law later, and asked "What WAS going on with her? Why was she like that? How did it happen?" and she answered "You just witnessed a possession. It is living inside her". The nurse exclaimed "But she was praying! She is always praying! How can that be?" and in reply she said, "That was the trap. It's a trick, you can't believe anything she says the prayer is to fool you into getting close and not being afraid, ignoring your instincts that she is not right. She isn't. And I can tell you she has been like this for quite awhile - she's soooo nice, but does she have visitors?"
No. NEVER. No one ever comes to see her.

(cue spooky music now)

Samhain Blessings!  May the love of your ancestors surround and sustain you, always.

Namaste, my friends -
"The Divinity within me perceives and adores
the Divinity within you"
* Laura *

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