December 1, 2017 
Greetings from Talisman and Cauldron's new home in Derby!
New Shop Hours:
Tues-Thurs 11am-7pm
Fri-Sat 11am-8pm
Sunday 12-5pm
Monday Closed

Before I begin, I want to remind everyone that parking is available in the City Hall parking lot (which is diagonally across from Talisman) after their business hours during the week and on the weekends. The hours vary, but you'll know because the lot will be empty!
I am grateful to everyone who has assured me otherwise, but I feel like my recent newsletters have made me sound a bit crankyass. I dunno, maybe I am a crankyass. A few weeks ago, someone posted an interesting question on Facebook, one of those bright-background statements that simply asked "Can you be a Christian Witch?" Now when I see a provocative question posed, I aways assume you want discourse and debate.This one did not go well. The simple answer is yes, you can be a Christian and do Witchcraft. But to BE a Christian AND be a Witch ... is tough. I mean, technically a person of color could don the white robes of a Klu Klux Klansman ... but why? It's like being a Jew for Jesus. Doesn't make a lot of sense. Another commenter told me I was being judgemental and HER opinion was what it was - to which I responded we are debating here. No one is calling names, no one is being mean.Then the original poster weighed in, and noted she couldn't STAND all the dissention Too much drama! I said what drama? Who is being dramatic? We are discussing and debating. At its peak, a comment was made "You can be anything you want!"
Well ... No. No, you cannot.
You can't be a vegetarian who eats meat. You can't be an environmentalist who drives a Hummer. Can't really call yourself a healer and be a serial killer. Kind of hard to sell yourself as a Nutritionist and all you eat is junk food. These things are oxymorons. So I proudly shared my newly-created term "Spiritual Glitterati" on Facebook yesterday and someone asked what that was. I answered "Oh sweetie I mean the luv 'n lite crowd, the folks who talk the talk but do not walk the walk, the Joel Osteen and Doreen Virtues of this world ... the spiritual profiteers. The Lightworkers who cannot get enough protection from ALL their enemies (?) and who are forever under "attack" by the dark energies they won't sully their hands with. The Reiki "Masters" who can use that term after taking 3 courses and close to zero experience ...". I mean, HUH? And I
can go on and on. Here at Talisman and Cauldron, we foster outcome-directed intuitive readings - that is, what do you do NEXT with this information? How do you move forward? Because the most insightful reading in the world is still going to keep you rooted to the spot you are in unless the reader can help you get past the pain, past the problems, past the issues you are confronting. And HOW you do that - yeah sure, a candle or a stone can help, a Flower Remedy, a Reiki session, some acupuncture ... but it is knowing how to project forward into the BIG PICTURE and see yourself there. The Buddhists have it right: Pain is rooted in attachment. We can be in this world yet not of this world. I don't know what some of these Christian "pastors" are preaching that their followers are handing over MILLIONS of dollars ... for what? Salvation? Advice? I don't get it. To me, spiritual growth is about expansion and learning and sharing ... and a spiritual leader works to that end. Not extortion. Spiritual leaders - we are tools, to help move you forward. For YOUR good, not OUR bank accounts. Am I saying you never should buy a pendulum or crystal or incense? ... no I am not. Those things help focus and direct energy like the metaphysical tools that they are - the same way a hammer and drill help a carpenter build a house. But you don't say "Oh this hammer built the house" no, the carpenter's skill and education and experience built the house. I don't think I would trust a "natural
carpenter" or "natural electrician" to work on my house, and I look suspicously on "natural healers" who have had no formal training but want to lay hands on someone or conduct a session of some kind. Looking forward into 2018, now is a great time to consider a study of some kind. Do you have a natural love of stones and gems? Consider learning how to use grids - Jessica Hunter of Hunter Healing Hands teaches a good class on the topic, but at least watch some YouTube videos, put that collection (your stone family) to work for you. Love herbs? Love oils? Get an old crockpot from Goodwill or a tag sale, mix up some oil blends of your own -
after you've read and learned about their properties and safety protocols (two older but really good books, both by author Jeanne Rose, are "375 Essential Oils and Hydrosols" and "Herbs and Things"). Reading, writing, and crafting are all traditionally done during this "dark" or winter season. I have been seeing so many creative and contemporary versions of the traditional dream catcher, woven with colored string, yarns and with stone beads, shells and driftwood added - check out some of the beautiful examples on Pinterest and Etsy, then perhaps a trip to the beach and craft shop - and maybe this is the year you create your own as Yule gifts? Handmade gifts are always popular - and on Sunday, December 17th our own Pina Martello
will be selling handmade incense bottles and her own handmade incensefrom 12-5. Bottles are $20, cash only. You can see some examples on the Facebook page:

Another gift to consider is an old-school (not computerized) astrological reading through our own astrologer, Alethea - she writes an extensive monthly forecast for our newsletter (cursor on down) and she was incredibly helpful when I was navigating through the three+ years of my daughter Daisy's chronic stomach issues (yes, these things can be charted). You can see the
services she offers on her site HERE.

I do wish all of you a blessed and glorious holiday season, filledwith comfort and surrounded by those you love.

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