February 1, 2018 
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As I have often remarked, it is rare for someone to walk into the shop all smiles, and say "Hey Laura! Things are going SO WELL for me right now, can you throw a few cards to see if that's going to continue???" The reality is that I spend most of my time in the Reading Room hearing a LOT of sad stories. Now, it's the astrological energy of this time - which has just begun, hasn't even built up to a full head of steam yet (that won't take place until the first quarter of 2019) - but any kind of "reveal, clear and move on" scenario is normally fantastic as far as I am concerned.
But not in January.
I mean, certain people revealed themselves all right ... revealed they are cheats, liars, backstabbers. People and pets alike revealed they had chronic or life threatening illnesses, suddenly and without warning. Job security was revealed to be ... not so much. People we thought liked us or had our backs were revealed and - well, that they did not. So much BETRAYAL. And like a butterfly held in place with a pin, seems we are forced to ENDURE the unpleasant company far longer than we'd wish. Because in most cases, it hit so close to home - or lived at home..
And in all these stories that people shared with me for the past 4-5 weeks, I tried to find a common thread (beyond misery) something that would explain why NOW? And then I read a  post  of my astrologer friend Elsa's last week that shed light, about cutting your losses.
"The concept of cutting your losses is a learned skill rather than something you can reliably leave to human nature. You have to train to do this because humans by their nature seem set up to throw good money after bad. This applies to all situations. Many people won’t leave the casino, be it a stock they are invested in, a relationship, a war they’re waging or an actual casino, even when their losses are staggering. Evidence of this is all around, from the woman who stays with a man who beats her until he beats her to death to the person or corporation who spends and spends and spends, time and money, trying to win a lawsuit that eventually nets them something insignificant or nothing at all. In all these cases, there would have been indications that it would be best to quit. But you’re invested, headed in a certain direction, most have a difficult time turning back or changing course. The results are often devastating. Learn to weigh things, realistically. If you check yourself and find you are barking up the wrong tree, consider cutting your losses and finding a new tree. Because while your back is turned to focus on the wrong tree other opportunities are passing you by, you can be sure of that".
And so yes, in many of the stories I am hearing - sure, could've jumped ship a lot earlier and saved a lot of time, money or heartache. Or deep in your heart, you knew a story wasn't adding up or suspected that this person couldn't be trusted.  So this begs to ask the question: Why do we linger?
I mean, just how uncomfortable does one have to be before leaving or ending a bad deal? So often, folks come into the shop certain they are under attack or asking what they have done that their guides/angels/god has abandoned them ... when in reality they are not under attack, Divine Intervention is attempting to literally crowbar or airlift that person out of the rut they have dug themselves into.
Because we hate the idea of breaking the connection. Even a bad habit is still a habit.
Whether toxic or stagnant - by ending a relationship, leaving a work environment, losing a home that was sucking us dry financially, putting a sick animal to sleep or watching a life end ... it feels like a part of us is ending, too. And I am not a person who chimes in with a cheerful "lemons to lemonaide" or "one door closes so others can open" scenario. Sure maybe in time but man, that shit sucks. And I despise manipulative behavior.  So if someone cost you a job or ruined YOUR good thing - heck, put them in a mirror* and let their nastiness be exposed (reveal!) so maybe others won't have to deal with them.  
Okay, maybe it's just me but that thought always makes ME feel better.
And this energy we experienced, while tough (a stellium in Capricorn is never easy but that is breaking up over the next couple of days, whew) has actually played fair with many others ... people who had been diligently holding onto a job paying their dues finally getting the promotion they have waited for. I saw a lot of long-term relationships move onto the next step with an unexpected ring/proposal. A few people I had been worried we're not going to make it, threw themselves into rehab and are on the road to true recovery. Others who had been saving and going without for many years finally being able to purchase their first home or were able to relocate to a better place.  So many took the plunge and put themselves back in school (funny, usually a course or curriculum that will take 2 - 2.5 years to complete) so they'll be getting their degree/diploma about the time Saturn leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius. Freedom and fun times!
Fun times, ha - who am I kidding? Try revolutionary times. Aquarius is all about the collective, the group mindset, humanitarian efforts. Let's see what Saturn stirs up when it hits the 11th House of Brotherly Love, eh? Ah, but we have time for that so let's not rush things ... oooh that's real close to the next U.S. election huh? How convenient.  Meanwhile, any loose ends or unanswered questions left over from January's full moon(s) will culminate around the June full moon - so stay tuned.  
Look, we all came to Earth School to take this trip together. TOGETHER. And our nearest and dearest, even when out of our sight, remain bound to us. Not just here and now - but always.
I shared this with you all several years ago, my favorite movie trailer  (the book was amazing) and yes even now it still brings me to tears - it is everything I believe about our spiritual (and human) reality. Enjoy! 
"There is a natural order to this world, and those who try to upend it do not fare well ...".
Meh. Upend it anyways, I say!
* Note: To "put someone in a mirror" involves literally binding their picture or original signature between two mirrors so they must face themselves, and whatever they are doing or saying reflects directly back on them. Ditto any energy they are sending out.  And yes, I sell mirror kits at the shop.     

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