February 1, 2019 
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Blessed Imbolc! (My favorite Sabbat of all) 
Ah, love.  It's February, Valentine's Day looms ahead and despite my distaste for "relationship" readings or love spells, it seems every other person I meet is either hooking up, shacking up, shagging someone new (or two) ... or thinking about it.  This means lots of calls for love spells:  "Bind him to me!" "Keep him from looking at another!" "Make her love only me!" "Make him leave his wife!"
Um ... a word here, okay?
The word is no.
First, there is the matter of that whole "Free Will" thing I'm kind of stuck on.  Can't impose or force your will on another.   At least, not ethically (and I do try ever so hard to be ethical).   And please, I've heard it a hundred times ... "But it is in his (her) BEST INTEREST to be with me!"  That's just a sweet way of being completely selfish, and you know it.  WHOSE best interest, again?
I thought so.
Love magick is best worked on yourself - to make you attract what it is you are looking for.  Not so much a who, but what ... such as a kind, intelligent, funny, financially stable (okay so a little wealth never hurt!) man or woman who will treat you with care and concern.  A more realistic option.
You can start with a pink 7-day candle, dressed with a little love drawing oil.  Add energy to charge.   Yes, we can oil and dress these for you at the shop.  When you bring the candle home, set it where it can remain lit until it burns out.  Put pictures, items - anything that speaks of "love" to you, maybe a statue or picture of Aphrodite or Cupid (a valentine?) around the candle.  A pair of animals (swans are good) that mate for life. A photo of a relative or ancestor that had a long and overall happy marriage - ask them OUT LOUD to help.  Literally, build a shrine to love.  Spray some perfume or cologne.  And every time you pass your little love shrine, stand in front of it, close your eyes and see (don't imagine, really SEE) yourself with someone - cooking together in the kitchen if that is your thing, getting dressed to go out, sitting next to them at a movie theatre munching popcorn and telling jokes, bringing them home to meet mom and dad.  And you are placing yourself FORWARD in time, energetically, it has already happened.  The point is, you are letting the Universe know in no uncertain terms that you are READY for love.  And that this is the kind of love you are ready and waiting for.
Before you begin, I'd like to suggest you watch my favorite movie in the whole world "Deja Vu" (1998) starring Stephen Dillane, Victoria Foyt, and Vanessa Redgrave.  It is wonderful and always makes me cry.  The promo reads "When the powerful attraction that strangers sometimes feel toward one another becomes overwhelming, one's orderly life-plans can be suddenly and totally disrupted."
The hell you say!  Now I really love this movie because the stars, rather than being beautiful twenty-somethings, are normal looking people engaged in seemingly normal lives.  But there is a metaphysical overtone that I can't discuss, lest I ruin the movie for you.  Bottom line:  If the Universe decrees you will be with someone, you WILL be with them regardless of how impossible it may all seem.  And not just in this lifetime - but countless lifetimes before, and more to follow.  The combinations are endless:  Husband/wife, brother/sister, mother/son ... finally, you will manage a magical combination that ends in bliss.  That "Twin Flame" everyone is suddenly talking about. Or you will screw it up totally in this life and have to wait for the next to start all over.   Wheee!
Want to make sure you screw it up?  Magically "binding" someone to you ... that's a good start.   I have a couple of horror stories (er, cautionary tales) I can share in a more private forum.  Point being - Set forth your intention and leave it alone.  And while you are waiting, do interesting things.  Read.  Visit art galleries.  Hike in the woods.  Walk on the beach.  Volunteer at a soup kitchen or animal shelter - help others.  Create.  Take a yoga or meditation class.  Change your hair color.  Learn a foreign language.  But anyway --- occupy yourself while your intention manifests.
And before you meet that someone special - that tall, dark, mysterious stranger - you may fall in love with someone else first.  Yourself.
And that's the greatest love of all, baby!
God(dess) Bless Us All!


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